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Arepas: A Pocket Full of Flavors

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Corn is widely grown around the world, and almost every country has a very popular corn-based dish. This is particularly true for the American continent, where almost every country has a main dish made of corn. From the North to the South, we can see Cornbread, tamales, tortillas, drinks, and Arepas.

All those dishes are delicious, but the best ones (in our opinion) is the gluten-free, versatile, delicious Arepas. These are delicious white cornmeal patties that can be eaten plain, with just butter or stuffed with endless fillings. This staple is widely eaten for almost every meal in Colombia and Venezuela.

Arepas were a staple of the indigenous tribes in Colombia and Venezuela before colonization, made with white corn: shucked, boiled, and mashed into patties that were then cooked over fire. After colonization, the arepa had new companions and became a closer version of the arepa we know today.

Arepas are mainly made of white corn, making them naturally gluten-free and delicious, but the process to make them was long. With the advent of food manufacturers, this process was simplified, producing the ever-popular pre-cooked white cornmeal already packed and ready to use. Add water, salt, knead the dough, make your patties, and grill. That’s it, that’s how simple and noble arepas are.

When cultures merge, delicious things can happen, such as the European dishes making it into our everyday arepas. Arepas can be stuffed with anything and everything you crave, think of it as a pocket where you save the most delicious flavors you can imagine. Anything from shredded cheese to Pabellón (pulled beef, black beans, and fried plantains) or your choice of deli meats.

Arepas are very easy to make, yet you need some skill to knead the dough just so. We can make your life easier by making them for you, already grilled, plain, or stuffed (your choice) and vacuum-sealed for freshness. Go online and order your arepas here. Always fresh, with organic and antibiotic-free ingredients, and gluten-free.

Life is like an Arepa: It’s filled with what you put in it.

Becky de Muir.


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