Welcome to Succulent Food Jax! ¡Bienvenidos!

Hello everyone, my name is Danmary Brito. I was born in Venezuela and I came to United States in 2017.

I always heve been working in my own restaurants in Venezuela. I love and enjoy to cook from scratch to my family and friends. I believe that the dishes do not have to be fancy they just need fresh ingedients and a little of creativity.

Two years ago, here in my dear Jacksonville, Florida, I had the idea to cook my Venezuelan dishes not only for my friends or family but to everyone who would like to taste the Soothamerican flavors with a personal twist.

I wrote down the idea and ask for help to the SBDC. They show me the way to accomplish my goals and my small business dream... which it is just starting.

I am very happy to present Succulent Food Jax, I want to help you to have fresh and good flavors from South America at ypour table.

From scratch, fresh ingredients, no presevatives hallaca
Hallaca: Venezuelan tamal

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