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Hallacas, a Venezuelan tradition for Christmas.

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Hallaca is a traditional Christmas dish in Venezuela and has become a typical food like arepa, pabellón criollo and asado negro.

The origin of the Hallaca dates to the fifteenth century and was created by indigenous servants, who collected leftover food and prepared a dish that served as extra food to their usual meals.

There is another version that is dated when the Camino Real was being built by the Indians. They ate corn buns and asked the Caracas families to donate the leftover food to the Indians, so that they could add it to their meals.

This is the origin of the Hallacas, a dish that is served every year on Venezuelan tables during the Christmas season.

Personally, my grandmother Trina of indigenous origin taught me her recipe, I saw her cook with a lot of love and passion the Hallacas. That same love is the basis of the Hallacas that we prepare in Succulent Jax Food with P.A.N. corn flour, another historical symbol of Venezuela.

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