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Gathering with Family at the Table

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

“Yes”, when my client Danmary, owner chef of Succulent Food Jax, asked me to write something about the importance of gathering with family at the table, I said “Yes, and I will keep it short”. So, here are some personal thoughts that I would like to share as a mom of two kids, teacher of many, as a sister, daughter, wife, and friend of a lot of people.

The family meal has always been a special time for families. It’s known to give families a sense of belonging and togetherness. Sometimes, it is hard to keep it as an essential routine but there is enough scientific evidence that the “work” is worthy.

I think that family gathering is an event or activity that happens regularly and brings families together for bonding. A family gathering can be “minor” like a share of a simple breakfast, a 20-minute lunch or a nightly dinner or major event like reunions. The everyday family gatherings at the table are essential for healthy life development and relationship building since we are born. And I am passionate when validating that it must be a screen free moment for everyone.

A family gathering as small as the family meal may not seem that important, but research suggests the bonds formed during these gatherings are essential for a child’s development and adults acknowledging the good moments in life.

You can research and read about the benefits of getting together at the table with family, it is worthy. Family time at the table offers many benefits, including building confidence, creating a stronger emotional bond between family members, improving communication skills, better performance in school and work, reduced stress, as well as providing an opportunity to make memories built on fun, laughter, and togetherness without any device.

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