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The Corn Flour

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

P.A.N corn flour is gluten-free, has a good source of vitamins, fiber and minerals and has no additives. From corn flour, we get one of the best-known dishes around the world: the arepa.

Corn flour is usually a source of carbohydrates, containing more than 66 gr of these per 100gr of product. It is a positively high source of fiber, which makes it a food suitable for a healthy and varied diet.

It is an average source of protein, containing 8.29gr per 100gr of product. The nutritional contribution mentioned, together with calcium (18mg), iodine (80mg) and potassium (120mg) and magnesium (47mg), make corn flour or polenta, a nutritious and healthy food.

Our arepas are made from scratch using P.A.N flour with fresh vegetables, antibiotic-free meats, organic herbs, gluten free and always delicious!

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